The Fine Bedding Company Cooling Head & Neck Pillow Support

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The Fine Bedding Company Cooling Head & Neck Pillow Support

This Cooling Head & Neck Support Pillow is a uniquely designed hybrid pillow that marries the luxurious softness of fibre-fill with the tailored support of memory foam. It features a memory foam tube at the front that moulds to your body for the optimal level of neck support, and a fibre-fill section at the back to cushion your head. These two chambers help back and side sleepers maintain optimal spinal alignment throughout the night which can reduce stiffness, aches, and pains the next day. 

 The responsibly sourced BCI cotton cover powered by HeiQ Cool technology responds to temperature and offers dual-action cooling. Instantly cool to the touch and continuously evaporates moisture away from your body, it helps to alleviate the warming effect of memory foam and keeps you at the optimal temperature for restorative sleep. The memory foam tube is removable so you can simply home wash the rest of the pillow for long-lasting freshness.

 For a premium pillow that offers the best of comfort and support, experience our Cooling Head & Neck Support Pillow.

Improves sleeping posture and spinal alignment to specifically support those with neck and back pain
Could help eliminate aches and pains
Offers the support of memory foam with softness of fibre
Temperature management powered by HeiQ Cool
Suitable for back and side sleepers
100% BCI cotton cover
Removable & washable cover (remove PU Foam tube first)
Outer Material
Encased in a breathable, temperature regulating cotton cover.
Filling Material
Unique hybrid design combines the softness of fibre with supportive memory foam that moulds to your head and neck
Standard Size: 74cm x 48cm 

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