Furn Home Fragrance


Brand Furn

Available in the following scents

Amazonia Botanica Peppermint + Citrus

Wildings Amber, Cinnamon + Mandarin 

Bee Deco Divine Bergamot, Honey, Plum + Tonka

Kindred Bergamot, Berry, Vanilla + Patchouli

210g Glass Candle - Depth 5cm/Height 5cm/Width 8.5cm - Material - Glass/Wood, extra long burn up to 40 hours.

100ml Reed Diffuser - Depth 7.5cm/Height 20.7cm/Width 7.5cm - Material Glass/Wood Lasting up to 12 weeks, includes 8 x 20cm Reeds

100ml Room Spray - Depth 5cm/Height 16cm/Width 5cm - Material Glass/Wood

Sold Separately. 

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